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To whom?

Do you want to buy fast and safe? mePay™ is for you. Unattended payment app serves a person valuing a smooth payment operation.



Make your daily life easier by using mePay™! Find your shop, order and pay with the same app!
It is so easy.



A straight forward payment is also better service. Smart phone app is fast, easy to use and before all secure way to pay for services.

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Mepay Oy enables consumers to make unattended vends and cashless payments using mePay app.
Consumer can also follow own transaction history using app or by login to MY MEPAY portal shown in the upper right corner of this page.
Mepay Oy offers Service providers i.e. Merchants a method to sell products in self service environment.
Mepay Oy administrates app development and mePay back office cloud server.
Mepay Oy reports to Finnish FIN-FSA Finacial Supervisory Authority

Mecsel Oy takes seamless part to the process.
Helpdesk services are provided by Mecsel Oy.
Mecsel Oy is also behind the POS telemetry devices and their net connections.

Frequently asked questions

Are payments with the mePay app safe?

Yes, mePay has been developed to facilitate your life! The self-service payment smartphone app is suitable for all consumers who appreciate easy and secure payments. Your debit card information is not stored on the phone, but is kept in a safe PCI-certified environment that meets the most stringent security criteria. The mePay ™ app utilizes the advanced Behavior Analytics – anti-fraud procedures, which analyzes behaviours through various indicators. If the application detects risk factors, purchases are prevented.

Why should I use mePay™ app?

Mobile App is a safe and smooth way to pay for services. mePay™ is much more than simply a payment App. It provides you better service talored for you. You can save time and effort. App is practical companion always available, while travelling. It enables you to find the services you need and helps you pay fast and easy.

Who is mePay best suited to?

The app is very practical to active personwho is moving a lot and and wants to use modern unattended services. Motorists can have practically all services available easy and hold all receipsts and costs in line eithout extra toil.

How are mePay payments made?

mePay app is easy and fast. You do’t have to carry cards and cash. First you decide the method you want to do the payment. You can have fr example your private cards and empoyer cards same time available.

After registration you simply accept your purchase by the pin code you have personally created.

Top fraud detection technology safeguards your valuable payment data!

Where can the mePay application be used?

mePay is a global unattended payment smartphone Apps that allows you to pay smoothly and securely all over Europe. The mobile application locates automatic machines, which accept mePay payments.

What is the cost of the app?

The app can be loaded for free.

It is very cost effective way to pay for unattended services.The final payment can be done with credit or debit card, Paypal, or other ways like phone operator billing.




About mePay™

What is mePay™ app?

mePay™ is a global self-service payment smartphone application that allows you to pay smoothly and securely everywhere. The application downloaded to a phone is particularly useful for a variety of daily automatic purchases. You do not need cards or cash, and your payment information is secure.

Secure payment

mePay™ is an easy to use and secure way to pay for your purchases. The application takes advantage of Behavior Analytics – anti-fraud procedures by RiskPointer Oy, who are specialized in mobile payment technology. mePay™ analyzes behaviours through various indicators and identifies possible risk factors.

These include, for example, the positioning, probability of transmission speeds and pin code typing rhythms. If the application detects risk factors, it is able to prevent abuse.

Once you have registered your payment card in the mePay application, you accept future purchases with a personal PIN code.

More than just a payment application

A self-service mobile payment application is a fast-growing payment method that offers a myriad of opportunities to make everyday life easier. mePay integrates order management and mobile payments into one nimble service package.
Communication and payment in real time – or in advance. Pay for groceries remotely or order specialty coffee to be waiting for you at your local cafe. Conveniently pay for parking, car washes, refuelling, tickets, or shopping at coffee and snack kiosks. The mobile application will locate automatic machines which accept mePay payments. Try it and see the benefits!



The Smart phone app mePay™ is a result of long development. The developers behind the product are innovate experts and companies. The app is enabled by wide ranging experience in unattended payments, smart phone apps and payment service providing.

For merchants

Vending Machines

Nowadays, consumers less frequently possess coins to pay for automatic vending machines. Designed for use with automatic machines, the mePay ™ application can also accompany the consumer everywhere.

The application allows you to develop your service in a direction favoured by consumers. At the same time, you will be able to develop sales and monitor activities in real time. With the application, you will receive income from products sold into your account more quickly.

The application is the most advanced way to get additional income and to ensure the reliable operation of your automatic machines.

Car wash

The mePay smartphone app is quick.
Car washing traders can actually download a pricing table system to administer their own cleaning business. Washes can be purchased individually and as series vouchers, and consumers can easily be offered benefits based on their purchases. Using this application, it is possible to reduce the processing caused through the use of tokens.


The application makes parking easier than ever before for motorists. The application works at both car parks with closed booms and open parking areas. In closed environments, the motorist no longer has to walk to an automatic machine, but can pay for parking and open the boom at the same time with the mePay ™ application. Due to the application, there is no longer the fear of losing tickets or receipts.

The application allows traders to reduce their investments in equipment, monitor activities in real time and receive money into their account quickly.The application improves the service and facilitates your customers to find parking spaces.

Would you like to transfer your business to this service?

The mePay smartphone app is for self-paymentsThe solution contains methods and devices.
It assists in finding customers and carries out the efficient and customer friendly collection of payments.The app is able to send offers to those consumers who areclose to your service right now. Consumers do not need to sit  around awaiting their turn during hectic periods, but they can make use at the same time of, coffee services, for example.

mePay App is available on iOS and Android devices.


Mepay Oy

Laitilankuja 5                     +358 40 447398
FI-00420 Helsinki              info@mepay.fi
Business id: 2625677-6     www.mepay.fi

Mepay Oy

Laitilankuja 5
FI-00420 Helsinki
+358 400 447398
Business id: 2625677-6

The company functions under the care of the Financial Supervisory Authority and takes care of automatic payment settlements service, among others, by accounting sales of offered services through customer reserve accounts to the trader. Mepay Oy server enables secure real-time self-service payments quickly and affordably.

Load Mepay Oy User terms/ conditions and Data Protection Policy PDF from this link.



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